Saturday, 11 February 2017


Amsterdam, the name that brings into people's minds weed, prostitution and partying. All those are true and unique experiences but Amsterdam's beauty does not stop there.

First of all let as talk about the weed, prostitution and partying. The famous red light district and the surrounding areas offer all of the above. In order to get there and not get lost by any chance, you need to reach the Dam square from the central station and then take the left turn behind the statue. Then walk for five minutes and you will reach your destination. Half naked women behind windows offer their services and a wonderful view to the tourists. Coffee shops such as the Bulldog offer the most famous attraction of Amsterdam which is weed. And finally the area is full of clubs and bars in which you can party and have lots of fun.

However Amsterdam offers a lot more as aforementioned. The famous canals which create an amazing and relaxing atmosphere during the whole day and especially at night with the light reflections that make Amsterdam even more beautiful. Also the beautiful architecture off the city with its' red bricks together with the characteristic of cycling those beautiful city bikes provide a very hospitable feeling to anyone who visits the city.

Moreover there are dozens of parks in which people can walk or sit and enjoy the view along with a nice lunch. The most famous park is the Vondelpark which in my opinion is a must see in Amsterdam. After that you can visit one off the many markets of the city. I would recommend visiting the famous flower market of Amsterdam which is something different and unique but at the same time something very beautiful to witness.

Finally there are many museums for hose who would like to learn Amsterdam's history and generally the Dutch culture. The museumplein is one of the busiest centers in Amsterdam. The famous ''I Amsterdam'' sign is located right in front of the famous Rijks museum. There are also other museums around Amsterdam such as the Anne Frank museum and the Heineken experience or for others who would like to experience something different there is the sex museum or the museum of prostitution.

All in all Amsterdam offers a diversity of attractions to everyone who visits the city. From unforgettable nights out to some of the most beautiful canals on the planet it is the perfect travelling destination.

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