Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Eiffel Tower: Summit Or Not

Millions of people from around the globe travel to Paris in order to visit one of the most famous national landmarks. The Eiffel tower, one of the most iconic architectural structures ever build by human attracts approximately seven million people per year. The question is : Does it worth going up the tower and if yes till which level?

The Eiffel tower has three levels. Every floor can be accessed through a number of lifts and in order to reach the summit you will need to change lifts on the second floor. There is also the option of going up to the first or second floor using the stairs.

So, does it worth going up? My answer is, it depends. If you would just like to see the Eiffel tower and a majestic view of Paris in my opinion you should just visit the tower from bellow and then head to the Sacre-Coeur in order to witness one of the most amazing and one of my favorite sightseeing experiences. However if you are so eager on visiting the summit or another floor, it is a great experience but for me the view is overrated.

Lastly, which floor should you visit? The prices vary depending on whether you would like to go up using the stairs or the lifts and also which floor you would like to go up to. In my opinion if you are going to spend the time going up you might as well buy a ticket for the summit which costs between 8-12 euros depending from where you buy it.

Overall, I cannot deny that visiting the Eiffel tower is something to remember and worth doing. However spending around half an hour to reach the summit and then another fifteen minutes back to the bottom of the tower are not exactly that time saving, if you consider that the view from Sacre-Coeur is extremely beautiful.

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