Thursday, 19 January 2017

A Three Michelin Star Experience

During my last night in London I wanted to experience something special. Therefore I booked a table at the Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester which is considered as one of the best restaurants on the planet.

I have had a Michelin star dinner before but never something like the one that I have had at the Dorchester. The experience itself is worth every penny that you pay. The way everything is so balanced, the way the waiters serve simultaneously, the treats that you get before and after every meal, the freshly baked bread, the chocolates, the trolley with every fresh herb that you can imagine and of course the soft warm cloths before the desert.

Then there is the actual meal. There you have a choice of the a la carte menu, the tasting menu and the black truffle menu. The prices are not expensive at all for the whole experience. The a la carte costs 100 pounds and 120 if you want to have two mains. The tasting menu costs 160 and the black truffle 220. After you order the waiters serve what is called amuse gueule, which is a dish that you have before the starter. It is free of charge, as well as the freshly baked bread and the chocolates that you get before the desert. Then the rest proceed in a normal manner, you get the main, you wash your hands, then the desert and finally you can have a tea.

Overall I believe that every person must have an experience like that. It gives you an idea of how complex and tasty a simple ingredient can really become. Of course there is a price to be paid but it is worth every penny that you pay if the restaurant is chosen well. However in my opinion there is nothing better than a traditional Cypriot meal that you cannot stand up after it because of the amount of food that you have consumed, while the table is still full of food.

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