Thursday, 5 January 2017

Why Do I travel

I asked my self many times the exact same question. Why did I chose to travel? When I try to answer this question the answer goes on and on and on realising that I could write a whole book about it. So in this article I am going to try to explain to you 'why traveling' in just a few words.

First of all for the experience. Traveling gives to a person the opportunity to meet different people, places and countries. Therefore you are able as an individual to gain a better understanding of our world and where you belong in it. Then when you grow up you can tell stories to your children and grandchildren about your experiences.

I also chose to travel because it is fun! In all those places and countries you visit you always come across of something new. Thus this creates a state in your mind in which you are a little child being excited and happy because you saw a colourful toy. Of course you can also refer as fun the actual fun of going out with people that you meet at the hostels or the hotels that you are staying. Believe me, a night out with some complete strangers seems very risky but it is a lot of fun because it is something that you personally do not usually do in your home country.

Finally I travel because I am searching for something. When a person is young he or she always thinks about money, success and that they want to leave from their parents houses. I completely agree with that and I believe that it is everyone's obligation to control their lives. However at which point does a life become a routine, a really boring routine? That point comes when life moves like a bad movie that you just fast forward in search for some fun in it. That is where traveling comes in. While traveling I always feel like my life is moving in a slow motion. The kind of slow motion that a small child feels every day during its' early life stages because every day there is something different and exciting to do.

Overall, many people have different interpretations about traveling and its' values. However one thing is certain. Everyone travels in order to be happy and in order to be able to say when they grow up that they have lived a life. Therefore one question remains. Will you live your life or just let it pass by?

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