Monday, 2 January 2017


After a two month working and living experience in London it was time for me to continue my travelling. Therefore I booked my tickets, packed my bag and took my camera. The first stop is Edinburgh.

To be honest I did not know what to expect from Edinburgh in January. I hoped that I would see some snow but unfortunately the UK disappointed me on this matter. However I was really surprised with the beauty of Edinburgh and its' unique character. The Christmas market, the streets, the architecture and of course the people who seem a lot more relaxed and happy than what I am used to in London.

But there are a lot places that I need to visit in Edinburgh. Thus tomorrow morning I need to wake up early in the morning and start walking because it is my last day in Edinburgh before catching my flight to Dublin.

Therefore stay tuned because there are a lot more to discuss and review. But I have to say, that only a few cities impressed me so much in just a few hours and I cannot wait to see what Edinburgh still has to offer.

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