Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Edinburgh: The Final Verdict

Last night I had a very good sleep and I woke up today at eight o'clock in the morning. I got my camera and after a wonderful English breakfast I started walking.

The first stop was Artur's seat. In order to reach Arthur's seat a 20 minute walk from the city center is needed in order to reach the base of the mountain. Then another 30 minutes up to two hours are needed depending on your pace in order to reach the top. It may sound difficult for some but the view from the top is magnificent.

After that I began my decent towards the national monument of Scotland. It is also located on high ground but it is not so difficult to reach as the Artur's seat because it is not located that high. Approximately 30 minutes are needed in order to reach the top from the bottom of Artur's seat. From there you can also witness a very nice 360 degree view of the city.

Moreover I headed towards the village of Dean. It is a small village located right next to Edinburgh. In order to get to Dean you will need about a 30 minutes walk from the national monument of Scotland. The reason I have visited the village was for its' wonderful paths next to a small stream which separates Dean and Edinburgh. The walk is really interesting and relaxing and I really recommend it for couples or families with small children.

Then I walked down towards the harbour. The harbour of Edinburgh is nothing special but there is one attraction worth visiting. The royal yacht Britannia which is used by the royal family and that is why it is a very important sight. However I personally do not enjoy visiting such places and thus I did not visit it. However if you are interested in royal history or yachts in general it a very interesting attraction to visit.

Finally I visited the castle and the Christmas market of Edinburgh. The Christmas market is very lively with many different selections of food and beverages and of course amusement park attractions for both kids and adults. Therefore it is a great place to be during the winter while it is still open. However I did not stay at the Christmas market for a very long time because I wanted to visit the castle. The castle of Edinburgh is located behind the Christmas market on a small hill and therefore it is a great place for photographers and filmmakers. The view is amazing especially during sunset and the castle itself is really beautiful and interesting to visit.

Overall Edinburgh is located very high on my most beautiful cities list. I definitely recommend it for all types of tourists because of its' diversity and at the same time its' unique character.

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