Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Pembroke Shire

The last stop of my UK experience was Fishguard. Fishguard is a small village that it is located at the south-western corner of Wales. It is famous because of its' ferry services to Ireland, its' historic significance and its' beauty.

When me and my cousin first arrived at Fishguard we were very glad to be so close to the sea again. We checked-in in our hotel and we headed straight for the famous coastal path. The coastal path of Fishguard goes up to Newport and even further to Dina's Head, which is the peak of the cliffs along the shores of Pembroke shire.  The path is really nice even in the winter with really wonderful views and you can visit all those little beaches and towns which is something different and truly amazing.

Then we headed to the center of the town in order to find a nice place to dine. Most restaurants and pubs were closed but we entered a traditional tavern that seemed very hospitable. We ordered two fish and chips and when the food came we were delighted. The fish was huge and really tasty and the funny thing was that the next day we had lunch at a local pub and the burgers were huge as well. Therefore at those little towns you can find some really nice big dishes without over paying.

Another thing worth mentioning is the people. We visited pubs, restaurants and a hotel there, and every single person was really kind and willing to help you if you needed anything. You just order a beer at the pub and people start talking to you and you end up talking with them for hours.

Finally let me tell you a short story. Do you remember the stories that you were told at school or by your parents about Stonehenge and the ancient rocks that are located there? The rocks were not actually found there but they were taken from Fishguard to Stonehenge and if you ever visit Fishguard you can actually visit the place were the rocks were found in the first place.

All in all Fishguard was the perfect ending for my travelling in the UK. I am sure that in the summer Fishguard is a lot better than during the winter and full of parties along the coast and that is why it you should definitely visit or you can visit any other town of Pembroke shire because the whole coast is really beautiful.

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