Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A Michelin star experience

About a week ago I booked a table for me and my two cousins at a Michelin star restaurant in London called Kitchen W8. I wanted to start tasting good food because it will help me for my future studies in Hospitality and of course because I wanted to know the difference between a Michelin tar place and a normal restaurant let as say. Therefore yesterday we had a meal there, I had a carbonara with truffle for starter then I had a medium cooked venison and finally for a desert I had a poached pear with cinnamon and vanilla ice-cream. When it comes to the starter and main courses the taste was good and I could really understand the complexity of the dish compared to a normal restaurant. The price was very good if you think that it is a Michelin star restaurant. The price of those two courses was approximately 40 pounds. Then I ordered my desert and it was amazing simply amazing. When I tasted the first mouthful of the pear, it was like heaven, so soft and so elegant and the taste like something from another world. The price was about eight pounds. Therefore is it worth going to places like that. The truth is for many things you over pay for example the drinks but it is a great culinary experience. However if you want to have a dinner with a lot of fun and a great atmosphere you are better of in a Greek restaurant with some music and breaking plates.

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