Friday, 2 December 2016


Another stop during my travelling in Europe was Bratislava. Most people told me that Bratislava is not a nice city to visit but I took the risk. It is a small city but with many things to do and see. For example the castle, its cathedrals, the old town, a nice walking tour in order to learn the history of the place and my favorite sitting on a bench at Bratislava's main square. Now when it comes to food Bratislava is a cheap city if you compare it with other cities in Europe. I recommend having a nice beer at a local restaurant ( not in the center of the city ) and try some of the local soups and dishes like Halusky. The meal will cost about 7 euros per person. Overall, Bratislava is a great destination in my opinion, really hospitable, beautiful, cheap and with some of the best nightlife experiences that I have ever had.

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