Saturday, 31 December 2016

What Is It Like To Live In London

As I aforementioned in a previous article the past two months or so I was experiencing the lifestyle in London. With the word lifestyle I mean working full time and fitting in that schedule my traveling and all my other activities like sports, movies, socializing and so on and so forth.

The first thing that I want to note is the reason that I have used the picture that you can all see in this article. This specific picture was taken by me two days ago when I went for some shopping in Oxford street. I wanted to give the picture the black and white coloring in order to show you something, the nature of the lifestyle in London.

Most people in London and in most large cities in the world wake up in the morning eat, go to work, wait for the rush hour to finish in a pub in order to go home more comfortably and they fall asleep. Someone may ask '' so you want us to believe that all these people do not have any other things to do?''. No, of course they have but their state of mind is focused on those things. Money, success, work, sleep, waiting for a single Friday night to show off or get drunk in order to feel happy, these are the characteristics of most large cities on this planet.

Some people may disagree with my statements. However in two months I had the opportunity to meet people from all the classes in London. I have met billionaires, millionaires, middle class people and poor people that barely survive. Thus, this single picture can show you the face of London. Beautiful, charming but moody, boring and without almost any form of happiness.

Now if I compare Cyprus with London there are simple examples that prove my point. Every morning I get up and I want to exercise. In Cyprus I just get up and I want to run. However in London I want to stay in bed regardless of the hours that I have been sleeping. Therefore with just a small example I can show you what I mean about the nature of the lifestyle in London and big cities in general.

Closing, I know that every young person like me wants to explore the world and experience many different things. But be careful where you choose to live those experiences. I have made my choice and my choice is Amsterdam a rich capital but with a lifestyle and character that only a few cities have and that is why I have chosen it. What will your decision be?

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