Saturday, 3 December 2016

Off the beaten path

Most of the times people while travelling tend to go where everyone else is going for example going to big cities or shopping districts or major sites. There is nothing wrong with that but sometimes if you catch a bus and just get off anywhere or catch a train to the outskirts of the city you might find the most amazing view you have ever seen in your life and you would just sit there for hours and hours without thinking of anything else. You would just be mesmerize by the shear beauty of the place.
An example is this picture. This is Devin, a small town outside of Bratislava. I went there to see a castle but when I got there it was closed. So I was disappointed and I walked around of the castle for a bit and then when I got to the other side I saw this amazing view. I planned to stay there for like 30 minutes but I ended up staying for more than 3 hours. Therefore if you can don't follow the croud and it will lead you to some unforgettable experiences.

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