Friday, 16 December 2016

My favorite places in Paris

 Yesterday I wrote a small review about Paris. Yes I said in other words that I did not like Paris that much. That is true but I also said that it has some amazing sites to visit and actually some of the most amazing ones all over the world. These two pictures show two of my favorite places that I have ever visited. The first one is the Louvre and the second is Mortmarte. Louvre is like the size of my hometown in Cyprus as it is the biggest museum on the planet and it includes some of the most amazing art collections.
Everyone visits the Louvre for Mona lisa but my favorite is Madonna of the rocks. Now Mortmarte is a huge cathedral not exactly in the center of Paris and it is just an amazing site to see. I t si huge and beautiful at the same time and full of people at all times of the day. I hope that one day you will visit these sites because they are truly amazing.

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