Monday, 19 December 2016

The secrets of Rome

Rome for me is the most beautiful city in Europe by far for many different reasons. Some may disagree with me but that is okay because everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Rome has some of the most magnificent sites on the planet like Paris but with a difference. The history of Rome goes back thousands of years and you can feel that when you are visiting Rome. Some of those sites are the Colosseum, the piazza Venezia, the Roman Forum and the Vatican and many other sites. I personally feel in love with Rome because of the surprises she can give. You can enter any building or any cathedral and you may find the most magnificent art painting or wall painting that you can possibly imagine. many people say that the Sistine chapel is the most beautiful one but I can assure you it is not. Finally Rome has some of the best I will not say food because I will lie, ice creams and coffee that I have ever had in my life. Thus if you ever have the opportunity definitely try Rome or Italy in general.

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