Thursday, 29 December 2016


Before the beginning of  my Euro trip experience I was already thinking what I wanted to do after it. I said to my self '' I have three months before the beginning of my studies, so let's go to London'' and so it was, I found a job in London for a couple of months in order to fund my traveling and to buy a camera and a laptop. Thus a week after my Euro trip ended I went to London.
I did not know what to expect from London as a city and that is why I was so interested to experience it. At first I settled in and then I bought a travel-card for a month and I started traveling London bit by bit.
To be honest I thought everything would be bigger, for example the Buckingham Palace, but still the sites in London are very interesting and beautiful. The Hyde park, the Green park, the Regent's park and so many other parks are so amazing and beautiful, you just walk and relax along the water.
When everyone imagines London, they have in mind the London eye or the Madame Tussaud, but for me as I said in a previous post my favorite place is Trafalgar square. However, do not get me wrong, I do not hold anything against those places and I believe you will find them very interesting and fun.
And do not forget, when visiting a place do not just visit the major sites but also the little streets and all the secret places that every city has to offer. The best way to find them, is to ask the locals or simply search the web and the answer is there waiting for you.

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