Saturday, 24 December 2016

Preparing to travel

In this article I am going to analyse in a few words how to prepare for a back-packing experience. By prepare, I mean finding the where you want to go, booking the tickets and the accommodation.

  1. What I usually do is having a look at the map of a continent, area or country and I find out the easiest way to connect my destinations and which way is the cheapest. 
  2. Then I start looking for tickets. Tickets can be for trains, buses, planes, ferries and anything else that you can imagine. Then I compare the prices because sometimes train or ferry tickets seem cheaper, but many times plane tickets are the cheapest option. Even buses that are known as the cheapest way to travel, many times turn out to be very expensive. 
  3. Then I start booking early enough. For trains is usually two or three months and for planes the earlier the better. 
  4. After that I start looking for accommodation. The amount that you are going to pay depends on the type of travelling and also on your budget and the amount of people that you are with. If you are going alone or with friends the cheapest way is hostels or using Airbnb. If you are going with your wife or kids you are better of in a nice city-center hotel or somewhere with a nice view. I always like hotels near the train stations which makes commuting easier. However, it depends because if I am going to Rio for example, I would prefer a hotel looking at the beach. Many times hotels have last minute offers, but if you want to play it safe, booking months in advance is a better option.
Nevertheless, I have met a lot of people who prefer booking everything at the last moment, including transportation, accommodation and destinations. Therefore, no matter what I tell you, it always depends on what you find easier, most convenient and of course fun.

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